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What is a Crash Tested Wheelchair?

27th October 2023

When a wheelchair is labelled "Crash Tested," it means it is designed to safely transport an occupant in a suitable vehicle during travel. These wheelchairs have anchor points that can secure them in place with straps or restraints.

But what exactly qualifies as a 'suitable vehicle'? A suitable vehicle is one that is specially adapted to accommodate wheelchairs and powerchairs, following specific regulations. These regulations ensure that the wheelchair is properly secured to the vehicle using safety restraints and fixing points, often in a designated safe area.

The crash test process is rigorous and checks for products that meet high standards of strength and shape integrity.

Wheelchairs that have undergone special testing and are approved for use in suitable vehicles will be clearly marked with anchor symbols on their frames.

However, it's important to note that not all wheelchairs have been crash-tested. It's also essential to remember that a wheelchair lap belt is not a suitable substitute for a vehicle's seatbelt. Most reputable taxi drivers and travel assistance advisors are aware of this.