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About The Offer

At Solent Mobility Centre, we have always been looking for ways to provide our customers with the best service and support we can offer. Our team had come up with a great idea: a scooter care package that would help ensure that those who bought mobility scooters from us were looked after long after the purchase was made.

The package includes a 12-month membership, giving customers peace of mind that we will be there to help if they ever need assistance with their scooter. It also provides an eight-point safety check every winter so all scooters are in top condition when summer arrives. To keep our customer's scooters safe all year round, our package also includes both a tiller cover and a storage cover - two must-haves for any serious mobility enthusiast!

All in all, we want to make sure our customers feel secure and taken care of, not just at the point of purchase but beyond. Our customers appreciate our scooter care offer - knowing someone was watching out for them during each step of their journey. With the amazing sense of service we offer at Solent Mobility Centre, it's no wonder many happy customers come back time and time again.




This offer only applies to new purchased scooters.

Eligibility for Service: Our service is valid for 12 months following your purchase date. You may avail of these services for an additional month beyond this 12-month period.

Call-Out Policy: We offer unlimited call-outs. However, should you require more than three call-outs for the same issue within the same 12-month service period, subsequent call-outs will incur charges at our standard rate.

Out-of-Hours Service: We include out-of-hours call-outs as part of our service, ensuring you have support whenever needed.

Loan Equipment Policy: In the event that your equipment requires repairs and needs to stay with us for an extended duration (exceeding one week), we will provide a loan product, subject to availability. This loan equipment will be similar to your original equipment as possible.

Warranty Terms: We provide up to a 5-year warranty on parts, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.

Labour Charges: Please note that labour costs will be charged at our standard rates.

Mobility Scooter Care Package

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